Marco Baldocchi – Executive Highlight

Marco Baldocchi – Executive Highlight

Marco Baldocchi
CEO & Neuromarketing Expert at Marco Baldocchi Group
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About Marco Baldocchi Group:

Marco Baldocchi Group is a neuromarketing based communication agency.

When it comes to strategy, is it more about the story you tell or your CPM? How does this affect your KPIs either way?

Strategy is storytelling. nowadays we no longer talk about product marketing but about emotion marketing and therefore the strategy must focus not on product information but on the experiences that customers can live using that product

How important is your content/creative to your programmatic efforts?

Creative content is very important but let’s analyze before sharing it thanks to the tools that neuromarketing makes available to us: EEG, GSR, Eyetracking

Volume. What does this mean to you? Is Quality vs. Quantity still measurable in the digital space?

Quality first of all. Working in the field of neuromarketing we analyze people’s reactions to sensory stimuli. 95% of human choice behaviors are subconscious, activated by sensory stimuli: you need to touch the right buttons, not all the buttons.

What does Data Driven Marketing mean to you?

it is the normal evolution of marketing that must “rely” on concrete data and no longer on perceptions. In neuromarketing, reliable data comes from biometric tests that are able to give us concrete and scientific answers

You’ve most likely “failed” on your commitment to a client. What did you do about it? Did it make your relationship stronger or break it? On the flip side of that, have you ever “fired” a client?

when we have missed an objective, the relationship with the client can be strengthened if we admit the mistake and understand why we committed it. I have happened to fire clients when they have not met two main requirements: trusting the consultant they have chosen and wanting to talk about processes they have no in-depth knowledge of.

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