Paul Zeidman – BluHorn Executive Highlight

Paul Zeidman – BluHorn Executive Highlight

Paul Zeidman
Editor/Blogger/Screenwriter at Maximum Z Creative
Website Address:

What services does your company provide?

Creative, Other

About Maximum Z Creative:

I’m a screenwriter working towards being a working (i.e. paid) screenwriter.

Who in the industry inspires you and why?

Biggest inspiration are my wife & daughter. Their support & encouragement throughout this have been invaluable.

What makes your company unique?

I’m a big supporter of encouraging other writers, offering tips/advice when I can, and networking

If you were to restart your marketing agency, what are the 2 most important positions you would hire for and why?

I’m a one-person operation, so this doesn’t really apply to me.

How do you define success?

Personally – being able to call myself a professional writer.
Professionally – being able to provide opportunities for other writers (leads, connections, etc.)

What is one tip that you would give a CEO when it comes to marketing?


What are your three favorite marketing software that you use and why?


Finish the sentence – When it comes to marketing in 5 years……


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