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Programmatic Buying with No Contract, No Minimum Spend

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BluHorn Programmatic is built on the industry-leading Centro Standalone DSP. With it, you have access to an automated platform that addresses programmatic buying with extensive retargeting capability, location targeting, OTT, custom audience segmenting, and a host of other valuable digital marketing needs through a single interface… without the requirement of minimum spend or a contract.


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Access to programmatic buying with NO MINIMUMS and NO CONTRACTS is a game changer…  an affordable option for even the smallest agencies.  Increase your offerings to clients without worrying if you can meet hefty minimum requirements. Do the work internally or hire a trusted member of our digital media buying team to place your buys for you.


Robust Inventory Directory

BluHorn Programmatic comes with more than 9,000 vendors and 11,000 contacts, making it part of the largest curated directory in the industry.

Automate Your Buys

Seamlessly manage the entire vendor RFP process across all inventory types. Automated trafficking and execution of placements, with BluHorn Programmatic you’ll simplify, error-proof, and automate the campaign planning process.
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Top Notch Demand-Side Platform

Plan, buy, and optimize your campaigns using BluHorn Programmatic, a part of the #1 rated DSP on G2 Crowd.

Direct Media Activation

Access direct inventory across 11,000 publishers and flawlessly implement media plans with ad server capabilities.


Universal Reporting & Analytics

Leverage powerful ad server, Facebook, LinkedIn and AdWords integrations to manage your entire digital campaign’s performance. From creative to conversions, you’ll save time, optimize more efficiently, and reduce errors.

Business Intelligence & Insights

Dig into more than 180 unique data points across your business, clients, vendors or campaigns. Create custom reports using BluHorn’s one-of-a-kind Digital Insights that imports Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Google Analytics data and reports them alongside your programmatic buys in our platform.
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Adjust Campaigns Daily

Improve effectiveness by tweaking your campaigns daily. Set daily and campaign maximums, target different audiences and exchanges, cross-target devices, and use pixels for retargeting.

Billing Facilitation

Save time and money with real-time reporting that results in more accurate billings, easier financial reconciliations, and a faster way to close your books at the end of the month. Interested how BluHorn works with your billing system?



Grow Revenue

Create better outcomes for your customers and their campaigns utilizing powerful artificial intelligence to drive performance.

Increase Transparency

Gain a clearer view of where dollars are being spent across direct, RTB, search, and social to achieve more with your working media.

See the Full Picture

Combine results from your programmatic buys with campaigns in BluHorn where you have traditional and other digital buying efforts (all in one place) for combined planning, reporting, insights, and tools.

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Need A Programmatic Buyer

We have media buyers that can do programmatic buying for you. Need someone else to “pull the levers”? No problem, our media buyers can handle the process.

We can work with you (behind the scenes) or with your clients directly (as a white-labeled service).

Just let us know what you need!

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What About Reporting?

No problem… With our Digital Insights, you can integrate data from your programmatic buys with spend on Facebook Ads and Google Ads… import data with a click of a button and compare it with traffic results from Google Analytics

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Access to our Programmatic Buying Portal


Paid Yearly
Access to our Programmatic Buying Portal


Paid Yearly
Access to our Programmatic Buying Portal


Paid Yearly
Access to our Programmatic Buying Portal


Paid Yearly
Access to our Programmatic Buying Portal

Access to BluHorn Programmatic is available on ALL BluHorn subscription levels. Each of our customers have access to the portal… so can you! Start by picking your subscription level. At BluHorn, there’s no contracts, no worries…

We’ll help you with initial set up, 1-on-1 training to assist you in learning how to use the programmatic buying portal, and provide continuous customer support.

What Comes with a BluHorn Subscription?

Want to know more about each subscription level in BluHorn? No problem, we offer a complete comparison (feature-by-feature)… there’s more to BluHorn than just programmatic. BluHorn is a complete media planning and buying solution with reporting a full stack of third party integrations. Check it out:

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