“Programmatic Champions” with Anushka Figueroa from Cr8tive Tonic

Anushka Figueroa
Owner/Brand Marketing Architect at Cr8tive Tonic
Website Address: linkedin.com/in/anushkafigueroa

So you hear these people come to you and say, “Oh I have a media plan. Aren’t I ready to hit the market?” And I would tend to maybe disagree with that. What’s your take on that?

Yeah that’s a really good point. Just kind of touching upon why, it is always important to really have a plan in place and a strategy that’s going to be aligned to business objectives, but I think more so now we have to pause. Things have really shifted with where we’re at in the state of things with corona virus, and I think for businesses, whether you’re small, midsize, enterprise companies, we really have to shift and really focus culturally what we’re doing and being thoughtful about how we’re communicating, how we’re really doing business. I think businesses have really taken a step back and hopefully they’ve been able to go back and kind of rethink or look at those business objectives and goals. And a media plan is not a strategy. And I really think it’s interesting that businesses will think that’s a strategy but it’s really not. It really has to go back to aligning with your brand, and obviously, what those business objectives are.

But when it comes to a brand strategy, is it smart to pull on the heartstrings or ride the coattails of it? What would you suggest if that was a question of a client of yours that you had in terms of creative strategy?

You know I think when there are times, and we know this, we’ve seen this, when we have come into a recession. Particularly you go back to 2008-2009, a lot of companies, what’s the first thing that they do is they pull back on their marketing strategy and those dollars. And I think now more than ever businesses have to really continue down that path. Be smart about the resources, and it’s really making adjustments. But when it comes to creativity, your verbal content, your visual content, it’s critical that that’s compelling, it is relevant, and it’s consistent across all media channels.


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