“Programmatic Champions” with Brittany Whitlock from Big Mood Digital

Brittany Whitlock
Owner at Big Mood Digital
Website Address: https://www.bigmooddigital.com

Tell me a little bit about Big Mood. What are you doing?

So I have a unique take on a digital marketing agency; it’s not your quintessential agency. I help you with digital marketing classes and consulting to really multiply your ideal customer through digital strategy and getting to know your customer.

How important is the creative to you in your strategy for your clients?

Creative is very important because an approach that I take in all my marketing is I tell my clients that it’s very important to be authentic. I want to show the authentic part of the brand; I want to show the passionate part of the brand. And also be very consistent with that. And I think creative really speaks to that. Are you showing an authentic side of your brand or are you showing more of a maybe stock image side of your brand that’s not as authentic? Humanizing your brand is so important and creative plays a huge role in that.

Is it better to just hurry up and get some creative out there and splash it or spend a little bit more time on being thoughtful on the story you’re telling on behalf of your client?

I am a true believer in planning. I believe if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. And so as much as you can plan your message and understand — of course there’s gonna be time to fit in content on the fly — but if you have that plan, it’s just such a great structure to really illuminate what your brand is about, who you are as a company, and how you treat your customers. So I’m all for planning.

We get through that and we have this data-driven marketing buzz word that we tend to throw around a little bit. What does that mean for you? We all have a little bit of a different take on that. What’s yours?

In data, in general, of course I’m always looking at it. It backs up your theories of what you think and how your customer’s behaving. I always say our customer is not just a 25 to 30 year old female anymore. She has hobbies and enjoys different things and travels and has all these interests and behaviors, and being able to really cater to your customer is important. So through data you can discover some of those behaviors and interests especially through Google Analytics, free tools, whatever it is, you can discover those behaviors. So that is really important with matching and finding your ideal customer.

Do you think that you can build a brand on mobile alone?

Oh no. I don’t think so. I’m in the school of thought of people choose to consume your brand in different areas. Maybe one person really likes Instagram and they’re always checking on their mobile device; the other person really likes Facebook or TikTok or goes on Google for things. People consume your brand in different areas, so it should be consumable wherever they choose to consume it, whether they’re on their phone or then they choose to hop on their desktop to really explore more. I still think there’s that desktop interaction too, but mobile is obviously first.


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