“Programmatic Champions” with Josh Romero from Omega Growth Strategies

Josh Romero
Owner at Omega Growth Strategies
Website Address: linkedin.com/in/josh-romero-54257a9a

What I thought was interesting is taking kind of an investor’s approach to your strategy with your clients. Can you talk a little bit about that for me so I get a better understanding on kind of how you go at this?

Yes. So it’s really interesting because when I first started getting into sort of like a finance background, I have an investment background, a banking background, when I first started getting into marketing/digital, I call it that for a digital footprint from Web site to whatever, you get data with everything. And just like when you’re doing investments, you read trends, you look at the data constantly, and you don’t just look at data within your own local economy and make a choice, you look at your data based on a regional economy, you do it based off of global economy, and you do it so you can find trends to make sure you’re ahead of the curve and you can invest in what makes most sense and have the biggest payout in the future. So I got into marketing and I got into really just business development in general, but through the advent of marketing I realized that a lot of people don’t really do that or they might be doing a piece of it but they’re not doing it from a global perspective. So I started taking that approach to my clients where I say, “This is your industry, this is your market, wherever that is throughout internationally. Let’s look at who gets there before your nation, before your market typically. Let’s start analyzing this. Let’s keep going going going to a point that if we make this move now, which this other market that sets the trend for your market does, then we will get ahead of your curve, against all your local competitors, six months ahead of time.” And what that allows is whether it’s something like Google ads, where everyone’s bidding on the same keyword, you start bidding on keywords before everybody else even knows to do it. So you’re return on investment is just astronomically different than everybody else’s. So the other thing with that is also analyzing data constantly for a return and not just “oh I got more revenue,” but you’ve also spent more money. It’s your net income. So let’s look at all costs and then look at what you made so we can actually understand true growth because the amount of clients out there who say, “well I made more money last month” but they also spent 10 times the amount in advertising. So actually did you make more money? You have to really look at it from just an all costs perspective and then look at market trends and that’s really how I do it. So it’s just like if you’re going to play in the market, you’re going to look at investments, you’re gonna look at trends, you’re going to make choices on costs, and you’re going to look at businesses on all their costs and potential. So it’s just the same kind of access.

If you’re wasting 10 grand and you’ve made eight dollars, what does that look like? So I thought that that was really interesting. Obviously, you take it into consideration with your digital spends, correct?

Well I mean also you have different things. If you have a brick and mortar and you have people getting to your store some way or another, then impressions can impact. Now I will say based on essentially, because I do these trends I look at data against revenue and against net income with every one of my clients, essentially in every market in the US and every industry in the US and internationally, and what usually actually impacts, really the only thing outside of actual conversions and leads, is new user count which obviously makes sense for some of the brick and mortar because obviously more new users to actually see your site engage with their site to actually then maybe come to your storefront. So if I trend the data against your net income and I see this other aspect is playing an effect like an impressions, then great, I will push impressions if it means you’re going to get more brick and mortar sales. But it really depends. All I care about is the net income aspect. So I just always analyze what are the only things that trend with net income increases or trend with net income decreases, and I look at leveraging those variables every month.


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