“Programmatic Champions” with Monique Idemudia from Dragon Digital Marketing

Monique Idemudia
Ms at Dragon Digital Marketing LLC
Website Address: https://dragon-digital-marketing.com

Each week on “Programmatic Champions,” our host Cristin Combs talks to media experts across the country. This week she sits down with Monique Idemudia from Dragon Digital Marketing.
Dragon Digital Marketing is an inbound digital marketing agency dedicated to helping small businesses build an online presence and grow with great digital marketing.
To learn more check out https://dragon-digital-marketing.com.

So, Dragon Digital. Tell me. I love it. Where’d that come from?

I love Dragons. I thought that was such a cute name for my company. I’m jazzed. I’m obsessed with dragons. I think they’re cute like lizards, iguanas, dragons, geckos, everything like that. I’m a fan.

Have you had any kind of conversation changes in strategy? Not to get on the COVID thing, but in all of this, has it been a giant shift?

Yes. So digital strategy is just super big right now. Clients need to be found online. More people just need to make their business more digital in general. So creating marketing strategies that are focused on digital and online marketing and just, in general, building online marketing and building a brand is just very requested right now. That’s what I help people with.

You said something that was really interesting to me that I’ve only really heard in the culinary world which is black boxing when it comes to the data on the back side of it and stuff like that. Where did you come up with that in our world because that’s fun?

Right. So a black box is just a metaphor for this madness spends. We have no idea what happens inside of a black box, right? In marketing, before there was digital marketing, you would do certain things. You would pursue your marketing strategy and you would never know which channels performed the best or which of your marketing efforts performed the best and how customers found you. How many people actually saw and read that newspaper ad or physical billboard in the streets? Who looked at it? Who saw it? For how many conversions was that directly responsible? So you couldn’t do any attribution modelling, and digital marketing has just this huge event, that we can track and measure everything. There’s a metric for everything. And you can have really, really detailed reporting so marketing is no longer a black box approach. You have full transparency over what’s happening, and it just takes all of the guessing and the “I have this gut feeling” out of the equation and it’s just a super efficient way to go and scale your business.

How are you managing their expectations in all of this right now? Is it more of a personal conversation or are you staying a little more to the data and that route? What’s your strategy on that right now?

So my strategy is just pure honesty and authenticity. I began applying education as well. I think that people should know what I’m doing and have full transparency about the entire strategy, right? What I’m going to do, why I’m going to do it, how it’s going to benefit them, how they can see and measure the success, and assess my performance at the end of the day. I like to give my clients a positive mind. So I’m just really honest about how long what takes. Obviously, the average small business owner is not a digital marketing expert, and that’s perfectly fine because they don’t have to be. That’s what they hire an agency like Dragon Digital Marketing for. So we can explain everything and set the expectations. Some digital marketing strategies are just long term and you can’t see results immediately, and you can’t expect results in month one or month two and that’s just from reporting to talk about and set real goals of how to move forward and then find the perfect marketing mix so people are still able to see results immediately and to see results fast. You just have to work with a smart combination that fits that unique need and wants of that person in a business. So that’s really important. You have to assess the situation and you need to talk a lot. Like you said, it’s a lot about relationships. We have to get to know each other and get to know their target audience and their entire situation and business and goals.


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