BluHorn Referral Program

Become part of our BluHorn Referral Program.

How does it work?

Upon program registration, you will receive 10% of the monthly subscription value for customers you refer for up to 12 months.

Where do I sign up?

How do I refer users?

When signed up, you immediately gain access to a personal dashboard that will track your progress.

You will be provided with a unique URL to share in any way you see fit.  You also will have access to quick templates for emailing, sharing on social media, and even banner ads for your website. People that click on your ad or URL and sign up for a subscription account are tracked and will appear on your referral dashboard.

Where is the reporting?

You will have access to track your commissions and payments in the dashboard.  My Rewards and Stats pages show you all referrals in easy to read formats.

How do I get paid?

When commissions are due, we will pay the referring party by PayPal. All information will be confirmed with you before your first payment is sent.  Payments are sent quarterly.

What if I have questions?

Information is available at the sign up page here:

If you have further questions or concerns, please reach out to us at

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