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Marketing Video Podcast

What would you do with five minutes of that industry leaders’ time? On 5 Minutes With, host David Sillick, former Business Journal publisher, dives right in with industry heads and the elite consultants and advisors who bend their ears, for the ultimate soundbites and hard-hitting insights from the top.

BluHorn marketing experts unpack the latest developments in marketing technology and discuss why they’re relevant, how to apply them, and where the tech is headed next.

“Marketing for Your Future” examines the best practices, practical solutions, savvy shortcuts, and much more. Each episode features quick tips you can apply immediately, interviews with industry insiders, and a forecast on the trending topics of the day.

With content generated by marketers for marketers, “Marketing BUZZ” highlights the latest trends, tips, and tools in the vast landscape of modern marketing. This powerhouse segment delivers on all fronts: news on buzzword-laden headlines, helpful pointers on creating attractive yet effective presentations, and how to run a killer brainstorming session.

“Making a Difference” showcases leaders who are going the extra mile each and every day. BluHorn TV host Mike White interviews team leads and the people they impact, exploring what motivates, engages and fulfills individuals and teams to be more productive, more effective, better at what they do, and happier to do it. See what’s really Making a Difference today.

“Inside Look” is a double-take on current events. Sometimes what seems like the obvious motivation for a business move was not at all what actually made it a success. We talk to decision-makers and their teams to uncover the real course of events, and the insights gained along the way.

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