“The Horse’s Mouth” – Managing Your Company Size

Welcome to “The Horse’s Mouth” with Tom McManus, a unique talk show where guests belly up to the bar to discuss business, marketing, and life. No gossip, no hearsay, no BS, just the straight-up truth, right from the source.

Tom’s longtime love of bartending has come full circle since his days as a linebacker on the inaugural Jacksonville Jaguars football team—slinging drinks and talking shop with everyone from high-profile sports figures and entertainers to business leaders, journalists, and community leaders. Tom and guests trade insight and anecdotes, explore day-to-day topics and tackle the hard subjects, all with equal measures of energy, honesty, and laughter. Get the skinny on the real people behind the headlines, straight from the horse’s mouth.

This week, Tom spoke with Mike White from BluHorn, James Lampke from Robert Half Technology and Ryan Grokulsky from Madwire.

What size business do you have and what is your advice for expansion?

Mike White

In terms of our software company, we are a medium business. We employ people all over the country. Our clients are advertising agencies, we have clients like PepsiCo Distribute and others that use our software to purchase media. But on the marketing production side, we’re a small business.

James Lampke

When you ask about the size of my company, I think it’s subjective to the person asking. If you look at me with how I operate on my business, I look for small/medium-sized businesses in I.T. I want anybody that’s got from two people in your company up to five hundred people in your company.

Ryan Grokulsky

When you are trying to expand your business you have to break it down and it starts with the question, how do you acquire new business? How do you find and have a presence online? And then from there once you drive traffic, how do you conduct commerce? With technology and small business software, in general, there are a lot of point solutions that are out in the workplace today. You’ve got an e-mail tool, you’ve got your CRM, you’ve got your point of sale and more.

Mike White

Essentially the thing to remember with small businesses is that the average employee stays with you for a year and a half to two years. So you have to have a CEO who is nimble; they gotta know how to go in and do tasks. You always have to have that guy, that team who is ready to go. It’s a kind of insurance policy. It’s important to surround yourself with the phone calls or the people you can call because an issue will come up.

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