“The Horse’s Mouth” – Reaching Your Audience

Welcome to “The Horse’s Mouth” with Tom McManus, a unique talk show where guests belly up to the bar to discuss business, marketing, and life. No gossip, no hearsay, no BS, just the straight-up truth, right from the source.

Tom’s longtime love of bartending has come full circle since his days as a linebacker on the inaugural Jacksonville Jaguars football team—slinging drinks and talking shop with everyone from high-profile sports figures and entertainers to business leaders, journalists, and community leaders. Tom and guests trade insight and anecdotes, explore day-to-day topics and tackle the hard subjects, all with equal measures of energy, honesty, and laughter. Get the skinny on the real people behind the headlines, straight from the horse’s mouth.

This week, Tom spoke with Darien Holder from Dph Media, Angela Spears from Angela Spears Communication, and Barry Hoover from Thryv on the best ways to reach your audience.

What is the best way for a brand, service, or person to get their brand out there?

Angela Spears

First of all, knowing your audience is key. You need to know who you need to sell it to, who you need to appeal to. What is also important is being honest and genuine about that product. You want to show people you have a good product and you want to put it out there in a unique way. You want to be memorable.

Barry Hoover

You want to be taking care of your clients and nurturing your relationships with them. Marketing will only take you so far. They’ll get you the new people in the door, but if you don’t keep nurturing them and keep them coming back you’re just going to be wasting your money. Marketing and nurturing go together.

Darien Holder

I totally agree with everything that both of you guys said, especially if regarding the brand. That is one of the biggest things because two people can be doing the same thing, but the person with the stronger brand is going to stand out more. Having it stand out in a unique way improves how strong the brand would be because if it is like everyone else, it’s just going to get lost in all the noise.

What do you think of all the different ways the generation of today consumes media?

Angela Spears

Some people like getting the e-mails, some will say only text me, others will say message me on Facebook. For the younger generation, Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok are big for them. Those are the platforms that the younger generation is on. You have to know how to how to reach them and find that platform that’s going to interest them.

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