“The Horse’s Mouth” – The Future of the Cloud

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This week, Tom spoke with James Lampke from Robert Half Technology, Carlton Lee from AIG, Justin Kane from ICX Managed Services, John Mallinger from Harden, and Roger Birong Jr. from Adecco Professional Solutions.

What do you think is going to be the future of technology?

James Lampke

We are the only ones who can restrict where it is going. It’s up to our imaginations, we can take it wherever we want. I know for sure it is going to get a lot smarter. We have people working on Smart Streets and Jacksonville being the pilot city for that, we should always be pushing the envelope. Everybody’s gonna want the next thing and everyone’s going to do it that much better. I don’t think that innovation will ever end, our lives will get easier and it will change the way we live, work, and consume.

Justin Kane

We will continue to evolve. There are certain applications that just still don’t work right in the cloud, it can take mass amounts of coding and capital to get those things working. I think over time we will run into this problem less and less, having everything on the cloud is inevitable. That evolution, however, comes with its own challenges from a reliability standpoint. You have to worry about availability, security, and cost.

John Mallinger

Now your phone, tablet, and laptop is so powerful that they’re gonna start pushing things back to the edge. right. You ask, how is this possible, but when you bring in 5G it’s going be so fast obtaining data from the Cloud and vice versa.

Carlton Lee

There are smart ways to do cloud and there’s, to put it bluntly, dumb ways. You can do auto-scaling where you have a server running all the time and then when you expect or you know that your business ramps up at 8 a.m., scale-out to 10 servers instead of 2 and scaling back down when business slows. It’s all about efficiency.

James Lampke

How secure is the cloud and how can you make it more secure?

Justin Kane

There are so many solutions on the market, there are so many people that claim that “our solution can fix your security problem” but ultimately it’s not one specific solution. It’s so muddied by all of the different things on the market. It can take a long time for us as an outsourced provider to go through and actually vet those solutions to provide to a client.

James Lampke

You know, I’d answer your question with another question. Where is the focus? The focus is on financial. In e-commerce, it’s e-commerce. When you’re looking at security, you need to look at the big companies like Google because they are the guys with the biggest target on their backs that can affect the individual.

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