“The Horse’s Mouth” – Understanding the Newest Social Media Platforms

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This week, Tom spoke with Pat Sitkins from Adaptive Jax, Mike White and Joe Stelma from BluHorn, Lonnie Marts III from LonniellV, and Andy Nauman from Ameri-Force.

How important is social media for your company?

Pat Sitkins

Our company certainly focuses a lot on social media. A lot of our client base is made up of professional financial services. Mainly insurance, real estate, financial planners, things like that. It’s a fine line with them because the audience has to be right. We don’t want to just do things just to do it. You need to make sure you are reaching the right audience with whatever platform you use. We focus more on traditional social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Lonnie Marts III

TikTok is actually a huge part of my company. I was doing stuff on YouTube for a while, but the market was really, really saturated and there wasn’t a whole lot of traction on that. I heard about TikTok and decided to see what it was all about. I went ahead and started making a few little simple videos, just putting some stuff and some ideas out there. The next thing I know, in less than six months, I obtained a following of 700,000 with a couple of million views from my videos that I did. It’s a lot easier to get your stuff and get out there and build an audience on this new platform. You have to keep in mind though that it depends on who you want your audience to be. A lot of my followers are a younger demographic.

Andy Nauman

TikTok is a platform that really targets Generation Z. We could use that platform to get that generation interested in and into the trades and become a welder or electrician. It could have an impact there, but at the same time, they’re there for fun, and they want to hear a pitch.

How would you go about advertising on TikTok, how far does a thousand dollars go on that platform in comparison to platforms like YouTube?

Lonnie Marts III

TikTok isn’t monetizing any of their videos. If someone’s putting that money towards a creator, it’s going to go to that creator, and they will use their connections to boost the video. On TikTok, you are paying creators so they can obtain resources to creatively get your message out there.

How invested are you in cable?

Pat Sitkins

We aren’t invested in cable, it’s not necessarily dying, it’s just a different audience now. It’s not the tool that’s broken, it’s the way you’re using it. TV is not dead. It’s just not something that we focus on. It’s not a huge specialty of ours.

Joe Stelma

With digital and cable, you have these niches. On cable, it’s different channels like ESPN or AMC. For digital, you have all these different social platforms. It’s the age group, it depends on who you’re targeting. One thing may phase itself out but something better will always come along.

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