Top 5 Reasons for BluHorn®

Why choose BluHorn®

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to try BluHorn® today:

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1. BluHorn Demo! 

With BluHorn, you can start with our free demo, and go right in to a subscription. Our software was created by media buyers for media buyers (and included the input of over 50 agencies and media professionals).  We understand that advertising agency and marketing agency needs change, and that clients come and go.  We want to make your media buying software a non-stressful addition to your business tools.

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2.  We offer direct integration with Nielsen and Comscore data. 

If you subscribe to market data, we can set you up quickly and easily to update your ratings right within your worksheet.  A quick click of our “Update Ratings” button allows a buyer to see ratings populate for all line items. We can also work with your ratings service to set up data access allowing you to access your information and set up actual buys within your platform. No ratings? No problem!  We are a powerful solution for those who do not subscribe to a service, and rely on ratings from station representatives or other sources.  Our import feature allows avails or proposals to be uploaded into your worksheet with just a few clicks, and we also allow manual entry.  Ratings or not, we offer real-time calculation of GRPs, reach, frequency and impressions.  No worksheet saving is needed. Your buy’s efficiencies will update after each keystroke, making staying within the goals and budget of a media plan a snap.

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3.  Our customer service is second to NONE! 

The BluHorn customer service team offers training and demos via live screen share, and is available 7 days a week for support Q&A. Our unique-to-the-industry “life raft” feature allows you to submit a support ticket request from anywhere within the platform. With just a click of your mouse, you send a note that alerts all available BluHorn team members, warranting the fastest possible response. Your ticket provides a link to our team to the exact page from which you requested support. This saves both your team and our team valuable time in accessing your issue and coming to the fastest possible resolution.  We also have an extensive FAQ section and video library of feature demonstrations available on

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4.  We are affordable! 

We understand that you don’t want to pay for features you don’t need.  See our pricing structure to find the best package for your business.  With varying subscription levels available, there is an option for agencies and businesses of every size.  We also can customize a price if you don’t see what you’re looking for – just ask!  Additional savings are available for those that would like to pay for an annual plan versus month-to-month spending.

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5.  BluHorn is 100% web based!

With our system, there is no software to download, and no server space needed.  Gone are the days of long system back-ups or IT employees needed on staff!  Our system is cloud-based and secure.  Your BluHorn platform is accessible on any device from anywhere that there is an internet connection. Take your work with you and/or work remotely with ease.  A media buyer or media planner can access buys while across the conference room table from a client, or even on a tablet from the comfort of a living room couch. The possibilities are endless!

There is so much to offer with BluHorn.  We have yet to even mention the other features that make us great; vendor and client databases, traffic management, invoice reconciliation, data management, ranker creation, custom development options, Quickbooks Online integration and more!

BluHorn allows you to plan, place and report your media buys across all media types.  All orders start with a campaign, and offer unlimited worksheets across all media types and markets.  We provide custom worksheet types for broadcast television, cable television, radio, outdoor, print and digital.  Orders can be sent to vendor reps with just a click of the mouse.  Worksheets track dates and times ordered right there within your campaign!

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