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Discover Earned Media Mentions to Make Data-Driven Decisions


The CEO needs to know. Our search engine helps you pinpoint the right coverage, instantly. No phone calls, no waiting. Click, and you’re done.


We alert you to broadcast coverage within moments of airing – so you can advise clients, head-off issues, correct errors and identify trends earlier.


It’s easy to match TVEyes’ capabilities and broadcast market coverage to your needs. Added to your BluHorn Subscription, it’s affordable compared to buying it elsewhere.


Monitor and research coverage to develop strategy, report successes, contain crises and train executives. And if you need help, call us. We’ll get right back to you – all the time, every time.

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Introducing Broadcast Monitoring in BluHorn

Earned Media is publicity gained through promotional efforts and is an important part of every brand’s marketing strategy. Understanding a brand’s earned media placement can empower companies to identify and target earned media audiences to optimize ad spend, and ultimately, their planning and buying strategy.
TVEyes is a global search engine for TV and Radio that enables users to search, view, report on and analyze U.S. content. Our search engine makes it easy to discover and pinpoint keywords related to your brand. By knowing where your brand is being talked about, you can make actionable decisions and retarget your ad spend to an exposed audience.

Services & Features Overview

BluHorn/TVEyes Broadcast Monitoring searches and finds keyword mentions related to your brand from over 1,000 TV and radio stations in the U.S. The  service includes:

  • Near real-time search of video and transcripts from 1,000+ TV and radio stations in the U.S.
  • Coverage includes major local affiliates in all 210 Nielsen rated DMAs, Sports and Newstalk Radio, and National Cable, News and Entertainment Networks such as ABC, MSNBC, CNN and ESPN
  • Search results include video, program metadata, timestamps and market ID, as well as transcripts and keyword highlight

How do you get started?


It’s easy… as a BluHorn subscriber you can add TVEyes at any time. New to BluHorn? We’ll walk you through how it works. Either way: START by simply filling out the form below to contact us for more information about how it works and how to get this feature turned on for your client. We’ll walk you through the process, including helping you get set up. We’re here to help.

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